As a continuation of the Extended Monaco programme, to support economic recovery of the Principality, the Government has drawn up an action plan.

This plan is based on the implementation of a support fund, entitled the “Blue Fund,” aimed at promoting economic recovery via digital technology.  This fund meets three objectives:

  • To develop the digital maturity of Monegasque companies 
  • To promote an ecosystem that is conducive to the digital economy 
  • To support the Monegasque digital services for businesses sector


Within this framework and based on the principle of co-financing, the Blue Fund supports digital transition projects that are in line with these objectives.

More information about the procedure to be followed in order to receive support from the Blue Fund can be accessed by following this link 

Extended Monaco for Businesses 

The Blue Fund is backed by the Extended Monaco for Businesses platform, a tool to support the digital transition of Monegasque businesses.  This platform enables businesses to assess their digital maturity, access e-learning training, identify digital technology professionals who can support them in their digital transition and access the Blue Fund.


Digital Workshops

At the same time, Extended Monaco for Businesses offers an opportunity to register for events related to digital transition, including the “Digital Workshops”(Ateliers du Numérique), a series of webinars held monthly in association with companies that are global leaders in the digital field, to continue learning about the challenges of the digital world (Google, Facebook, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Amazon).

To find out more about the Digital Workshops and register now for forthcoming sessions, please follow this link